Final Exam Essay

Final Exam Essay
Your written final exam is to write an essay discussing what you have learned this semester. Use the following questions to guide your response. Remember to use effective organization, development, sentence structure and word choice.
•    What have you learned about writing? About yourself as a writer?
•    What have you learned about research? About documentation?
•    What will you do differently next semester to be more successful?
•    What advice do you have for students taking this class?
•    What did you enjoy most about the course? What did you enjoy least?
•    Give yourself a final grade for the course and explain why.

Course Student Learning Outcomes:
The student will be able to
•    conceive ideas about a topic for the purpose of writing
organize, select, and relate ideas, and outline and develop them into coherent paragraphs and essays.
•    write Standard English sentences with correct sentence structure:  verb forms; punctuation, capitalization, possessives, plural forms, and other matters of mechanics; word choice and spelling.
•    vary his/her writing style, vocabulary, and sentence structure for different readers and purposes.
•    improve his/her writing by restructuring, correcting errors, and rewriting.
•    gather information from primary and secondary sources; write an essay using this research; quote, paraphrase, and summarize accurately; and cite sources properly
College Format:
Each professor you have might request that you format your papers in a specific way that is
different from what other professors have asked you to do. That’
s fine; give him or her whatever
has been asked of you. (After all, this professor is the one who will be grading your papers.)
However, if the professor does not make any specific requirements of you in terms of formatting,
you should use the following f
ormat. This format will be required for your English class this
If submitting a document via an eLearn d
rop box,
the document must be saved as .rtf (Rich
Text Format).
This will allow any computer to open the file.
Always save
your files in at least two places each time you open the file and work with it: on
your computer and jump drive, email it to yourself, or place it on the cloud. This way, you
will have a back

up should your computer crash or you lose your jump drive.
Paper Format:
Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. size
(which is the exact same font and size in which this
document is typed.)
Use 1” or 1.25” margins only (Word is preset at the correct margins, so you do not need to
change the margins)

entire document; this includes your heading info on the first page and
Works Cited pages
. U
se the computer’s double

space command; do not hit hard return/enter
twice at the end of each line.
Use justified left margin (i.e., smooth margin) and jagged
right (not smooth); Word is already
preset for this.
Change the space between paragraphs to 0/0; the new version of Word puts an extra large
space between paragraphs, and you will need to manually change this on each document.
Highlight your entire docu
ment by hitting Ctrl + A, then right click on your document and
select Paragraph; then change spacing between paragraphs to Before 0, After 0, and line
spacing to Double Spacing