Final Project Milestone 4 ~ Women Enpowerment

Final Project Milestone 4
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Read the instructions again for the final project due in week seven. You will earn a small number of points weekly as you work through the milestones, but the majority of the points for this project will be awarded for the Final Project.

This week you will be doing an annotated bibliography for TEN graphic resources (FIVE of which must be informational) as well as how they will be used to support the argument. When you turn in this assignment:

Put all of the graphic resources into ONE document and submit it to Blackboard as a unit.
For each graphic/informational source, include (directly under it) the web address for where you located it
Then, write 2-3 sentences for each graphic explaining how it fits into/supports your argument.
Please be sure to note:

These graphics/informational resources will be in your PowerPoint slide show. There MUST be at least 10 images in the final presentation.
Remember- your chosen topic must relate the past to the present.

For grading expectations for the final project, please view the attached rubric.



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