Course assessment weight 25% (Total Marks: 100)


You are required to upload your text file submission (the write-up) using TurnItIn on

Blackboard in the ‘pdf’ format (see later). Save a screen shot showing data and time of your assignment submission, and provide to your lecturer upon request.


Asastartingpoint,carefullyread“JPMorganAndTheDodd-FrankAct”(seeURLonBlackboard under “Assessment” and please make sure you also read other publications from academic journals, news articles/working papers that will strengthen your assignment. Use this case as a background to carefully develop your answers to the four questions listedbelow:

  1. What were the major factors that led to the 2007/2008financialcrisis? [30marks]


  1. HowappropriateofaresponsetothefinancialcrisiswastheDodd-FrankAct?[30marks]


  1. How should JP Morgan address the newcapitalrequirements? [20marks]


  1. How will the Volker Rule affectJPMorgan? [10marks]


The remaining 10 marks out of possible total 100 marks will be allocated to the quality of references used and formatting. In order to better understand, what is expected, carefully refer to the assessment rubric, that is, the marking guide to be followed by your examiner, posted on Blackboard.


Thelengthofyoursubmissionshouldbeatleast8pagesoftextbutnomorethan10pages (excluding list of references, or figures and tables that may be placed after references), using 1.5-line spacing, 12 font size ‘Times New Roman’, ‘Normal’ margins, justified paragraphs and page numbering in the bottom right-hand side. Please insert group number, full names (family name entered last) and eight-digit student numbers of all the group members as a header on every page of your submission and underline the group leader (see the sample header of this document). As a rule of thumb, using shorter paragraphs or sentences improves readability. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. An introduction and conclusion are needed in your answer to Questions 1-3 but not for the overall submission (see assessment rubric posted on Blackboard under Assessment). Please make sure we can clearly follow where one section ends andtheotherbegins,i.e.usesub-headingstoguidethereader.Thesub-headingsthatmustbeused corresponding to the aforementioned four questions in the write-upare:

  • Major factors causing the 2007/2008 financial crisis
  • Dodd-Frank Act- A response to financialcrisis
  • New Capital Requirements and JPMorgan
  • Effect of Volker Rule on JPMorgan.


Those who do not adhere to the above format will lose marks.


You need to sign up for a group on Blackboard by Friday, 9thMarch 2018, 5pm or earlier.You also need to agree on the division of labour among the group members in your first meeting and share the progress of your contribution with others on a regular basis. It is recommended that you put such an agreement in writing and all group members sign it. FOUR members per group are allowed. Please consider group work as laying the foundation for a successful full-time job.

Further helpful guidelines for scoring marks on your assignment


  • Insomecases,therecouldbemorethanoneansweracceptabletotheexaminers.However,it is your responsibility to clearly defend your answers in a coherent manner in your written submission. That is, merely stating ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, or providing vague comments are not acceptable answers to any of the questions. It is the quality of your reasoning and analysis that matters themost.
  • It is good practice to initially develop your answers without worrying about the prescribed length. Once you believe you have completed your literature review (i.e. reading what others have published), you can then put together group members’ contributions, and work towards polishingandcuttingitdowntosize.Thisprocesswillrequireclosecooperationamonggroup


members and electing a group leader in your first meeting is highly recommended. Essentially, the group leader will be responsible for following the progress of the assignment andmakingsuregroupmembersaredeliveringtheiragreedcontributions.Thegroupleaderis also responsible for submitting copy of the completed assignment through TurnItIn in Blackboard. Do save your submission using your group number, e.g. Group1.

  • A lot has been written about the 2007/2008 financial crisis. It can help your understanding, and thereby improve your answers. You are asked to cite at least five (5) relevant sources. You may refer to academic journals, working papers from various sources including Bank for International Settlement (, Federal Reserve System (, European Central Bank (, World Bank (, International Monetary Fund (, or articles published in outlets such as the “Bloomberg” ( the “Wall Street Journal” (, the “Australian Financial Review” (, the “Financial Times”(, or other similarly reputable sources you may encounter. Please be aware that plagiarism, defined as copying and pasting someone else’s words into your assignment without proper acknowledgement, is unacceptable. When you report someone else’s comments or ideas, you need to fully and clearly acknowledge the source, i.e. list it under ‘References’ that starts on a new page at the end of the main text before any figures and tables using the Harvard Referencing Style (see Blackboard under Assessment). It is also good practice to paraphrase other authors’ words, which would indicate your level of understanding, instead of making long direct quotations. Nevertheless, a few short direct quotations may be used to emphasisewhatyouconsidertobeimportantpointsinyouranswers.Submissionswillbechecked for plagiarism using TurnItIn (the extensive checking process involves the World Wide Web as well as previously and currently submitted assignments, journals and various other publications). Make sure that only ONE member (i.e.; group leader) of your team submits through Turnitin. If more than one team member submits the answer, Turnitin will treat it as plagiarism. You may re- submit as many times as you like before the deadline for similarity check purpose, but only your last submission will be graded. Do keep a copy of the “SUBMISSION ID” as proof of your submission.


Summary of marking criteria


Carefully refer to the assessment rubric posted on Blackboard under Assessment for more details.


  • A Peer Evaluation Form will be required, as such, your contribution to the group work will be evaluated and impact your marks. Each team member needs to submit Peer Evaluation Form to get the assignment score. For details, see the Peer Evaluation Form on the Blackboard.


Learning objectives associated with your group assignment


  • Evaluate the importance of financialintermediaries/institutions.
  • Analyse the risk management of financialinstitutions.
  • Evaluate the role of bank regulation such as capitalregulation.
  • Question issues related to global financial crisis2007.

We hope you enjoy doing your assignment and the knowledge it brings.



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