Week 2 – Participation (part 4)

Entrepreneurial Finance, Ch. 4


Consider the following as you read:

  1. How to explain the use of financial ratios.
  2. Where to source information to calculate and compare ratios.
  3. To distinguish between the different types of rations and their purposes.
  4. The limitations of the financial ratio analysis.


Gibbons, G. Hisrich, R. D. & DaSilva, C. M. (2015). Entrepreneurial Finance. SAGE Publications, Inc.

Participation Policy

A substantive post adds to the discussion in a substantial manner. As a general rule, a substantive post is a minimum of 250 words and must contain the following: At least one citation and reference from academic source such peer reviewed article or trade journal, and reference from the textbook, and personal example or reflection showing critical thinking related to the topic requirements. Simple agreement with or restatement of another personal point of view does not constitute a substantive post. If substantive messages are posted on only two days, you are eligible for only 2/3 credit. If substantive messages are posted on only one day, you are eligible for only 1/3 credit. You can only earn participation for the week you are currently in.

Please note the comments you make, must be your own work or clearly cited to differentiate what is your work and that of research. Research should not be more than 20% of the comment.


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