Flanker Task (SPSS knowledge needed)

27 master students in psychology completed an online Flanker Task test, and their test results have already been analysed by SPSS, you have to explain Flanker Task and the test results in this report. (Results in excel format will be uploaded later)

The experimental report should contain 6 main sections. It should be written in the APA format. Below are some suggestions for each section of your report:

1. Abstract — Summarizing the main points of your report with no more than 200 words
(a) Aim of study
(b) Method & major findings
(c) Implications of these findings

2. Introduction — Background information
(a) Theoretical basis
(b) Similar research done in the past; summary of major findings in prior research
(c) Hypotheses of the experiment

3. Method — Methodological and procedural details
(a) Participants: background characteristics of your sample
(b) Materials/Measures: stimuli, instruments, and/or apparatus used in the experiment
(c) Procedure: how data were actually collected and participants were tested

4. Results — Report of findings
(a) Describe the statistical analyses for testing the hypotheses
(b) Report findings in relation to the hypotheses
(c) Make use of tables and figures to facilitate your presentation of the findings

5. Discussion
(a) Summarize the most important findings
(b) Discuss whether they are consistent with the previous findings
(c) Explain any discrepancies with the previous studies
(d) Implications / applications of the findings, both theoretical and practical
(e) Limitations of your study

6. References
List every single piece of work you have cited or quoted in your report. The reference list should contain publications that have been referred to in the text.

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