Foreign Policy (Journal)

If you were a policy advisor for the President of the United States, which two goals would you advocate for in foreign affairs and why?

a. Analyze U.S. foreign policy approaches from Bush (43) to Trump (45) and critique each.

b. Present two foreign policy goals that the U.S. should pursue with reference to one or two of the following areas: North Korea, China, Russia, Syria, the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran), or Latin America. Explain why these areas matter for U.S. national interests.

d. Support your analysis with research and correct citations, focusing on media coverage (newspapers, journals, articles from reputable sources). You need at least three sources (We the People is one source, articles provide other sources). Citations should follow MLA or Chicago in context parenthetical citations with a Works Cited included).
Both Discussions and Journals are graded on content and organiza_on, and should
(i) a thesis argument in the first paragraph that defines and explains
the subject/problem/issue in the prompt, explaining why this is
significant and how it maders;
(ii)analysis and development of key points, including any elements
presented in the prompt, that stays close to the material presented
in the course;
(iii)specific examples that support your thesis and explain the ideas
presented in the body of the essay.
e. Common Feedback:
(i) Good: Correct. Good analysis.
(ii)Filler: This por_on of your wri_ng is unnecessary, does not
follow from the previous points, and does not advance your
(iii)Not Quite: This is incorrect.
(iv)Level of Analysis or Summary w/o Sufficient Analysis: There is
insufficient analy_cal development of this idea. You need to
further develop it by explaining the concept or point, and in
addi_on, explaining why it is important (the significance) and
how it is applied, or how it works/func_ons/maders, etc.

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