ForevermoreFungi ( Farmers Organically Farming Fungi) & Research

Forevermore Fungi was pondered up to the response to the governments intention to allow agriculture as a form of profitable business. To enhance the opportunity by cultivating a safe environment for the like minded individuals/students that express a deep passion to become involved in future research and development of scientific Fungi (Mycology). We cultivate to orchestrate the dispersal of Organic farm grown medicinal/gourmet mushrooms by log cultivation and block/bag method. Mushrooms are delicious and nutritious. When there log grown & Organic theres no need for panic, No assuming on what you or family is consuming. This product has nice aromas & earthly subtle flavors that enhances all dishes from all cultures. This product will be focused at “Fork to Farm“ restaurants & our local farmers
I’m a Horticulture major, should of taken a business class too
Al information must be current and accurate with USDA organic standards. Mushrooms are unique!
-Current California Business plan to request $100,000 agricultural loan for agricultural production & research.
– When speaking science talk and research, cite the source, which I didnt’.
– What are your competitors selling for? You tell us what you sell for…
– What will the security costs be?

– Distribution / packaging costs? Storage..?
– How much money do you need? 50,000-100,00
– What will be the return strategy for investors and how much.?
– Grammar! I gotta tighten up the language.
I need high quality structure and input on this. $400.00 + Diamon quality

MAC’S Mushrooms Businessplan online

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