Four Assignments to choose from

Essay Three (30% of Course Grade)

First Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, April 4, 10:00 AM (portions of this essay posted to Professor Review Discussion Board)

Second Rough Draft Due: Wednesday, April 11, 10:00 AM (posted to Peer Review Discussion Board)

Final Draft Due: Monday, April 16, 10:00 PM (posted to

Topic Development

You have been provided a number of articles and essays related to the 14 Amendment debate, and you’ve spent time reading and reviewing the various discussion posts about the issues involved. You’ve also spent the week understanding how to construct an Argumentative Essay. Now is the time to bring those components together and construct your own argument.

The issues in case have raised a number of questions worthy of exploration, and they have also brought related concerns to the forefront that may or may not directly relate to the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship issues themselves. Consider the following topics as you decide upon the best approach for your essay, and select one of the prompts as your topic for Essay Two.

Prompt 1) Should the United States put an end to birthright, or jus soli, citizenship? Consider the impact this decision would have on current and future immigrants, as well as the precedent this decision would set for our nation, which was founded by immigrants and has welcomed newcomers. Use the information and sources provided as well as any you might obtain through your research to explain and support your position. Rely on specific information and examples when composing your essay.

Prompt 2) Does the United States need more immigration reform? In recent years, President Obama and Congressional leaders have proposed various new pathways to citizenship for undocumented immigrants living in the country; many of these measure, including the DREAM Act, have failed or stalled in Congress. President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) order was recently countermanded by President Trump, meaning approximately 800,000 individuals who were brought to this country illegally as children (but who know no other home than the United States) may now face deportation unless Congress takes action to change current laws. Are these efforts enough, or do they go too far? Research these proposals, and use them along with your research and the information provided here to discuss whether or not the United States needs additional immigration reform. Explain what changes need to be imposed and how they might be accomplished.

Prompt 3) Are the concerns often raised about immigration really about immigration itself or are they fears about the growing racial diversity of our nation? Politicians often call for a border to be established between the U.S. and Mexico, but rarely have any pursued a similar border between the U.S. and Canada. Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant remarks were solely directed at Mexican and Hispanic immigrants to our country. Jeb Bush’s controversial statements took aim at Asian immigrants, but rarely (if ever) are derogatory statements directed at European immigrants entering our country. Could immigration concerns really be a smokescreen for racism? Consider, also, that since its inception, the United States has predominantly been run by affluent white men, and whites have been the majority racial group in the country for almost two hundred years. Now, however, estimates project that the Hispanic and African-American populations will soon surpass that of whites living within the United States. Additionally, the Hispanic and Latino populations are the fastest growing voter base in the nation. With this in mind, is it fair to think that many of the worries over immigration are rooted in racial anxieties or racism? Use the information from our readings and the sources you’ve obtained to explain your case.

Prompt 4) When challenged on his use of the term “anchor baby,” Donald Trump stated that he refused to be “PC,” or politically correct and would still use the term. Similarly, Jeb Bush noted that people needed to “chill out” over its use, despite the fact that the term is considered offensive by some. Are words like “anchor baby” truly insensitive and inappropriate, or have we as a nation become too politically correct with our language? Is Trump correct when he refuses to be “PC,” or are his refusals similar to those of past individuals who stubbornly refused to stop using derogatory words and racial epithets when addressing minorities? Use our readings and your research to make your case. (Those selecting this topic should also read Gloria Naylor’s essay”The Meanings of a Word”.)

Content Issues

Consider who your audience will be. Are you informing the public of the issue? Are you appealing to a governing body to take your side? Are you informing a specific group in hopes of gaining their support for your cause? Take your audience into consideration when formulating your approach.

First or second person narration is not allowed for this essay.


Since you need to know how to write longer essays for other classes, this essay cannot be a 5 –paragraph style essay. You must be able to expand on that style of essay to write longer and more complex essays. Your essay, therefore, should be between 600 and 800 words in length–no more, no less.

Transitions and linking ideas (organizational styles) are also very important for this essay.

Research Issues:

You must have a minimum of four sources from this essay. Two of those may come from the materials provided in this Unit, but the other two should come from GALILEO sources. These additional sources may all be from the same database (such as Opposing Viewpoints or Academic Search Premier). You may not use any sources besides GALILEO sources, unless the source comes from a reputable news site that you cannot locate on GALILEO. Lexis Nexis could be used to access newspaper sources, so it may be useful to you, as well. (Note: Wikipedia is not a valid news source and should never be used as a credible source for support.)

Encyclopedia and Dictionary references should NOT be used and are not suitable sources for this or any other essay.

There must be a balance of information from all four sources, and that information must also be balanced throughout the essay. In the last essay, we discussed the importance of providing a balance of information.

Proper format for MLA parenthetical citations is required.

Proper format for quotations is also required for this essay.

The Works Cited page must be in correct MLA format.


Introductions/conclusions will also evaluated more stringently.

All other criteria we’ve discussed so far is also considered.

Remember that at least one of your three major essays must be tutor reviewed. Read more about your options at the Required Tutor Review Form

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