french film project

1) Pick a movie originally made in the language we are studying. You can get them from online, the library, Netflix, or ask your professor.

2) Watch the film, while taking notes. Of course, watch with English subtitles if you want.

3) As you watch, take notes and make a list of vocabulary you catch from the movie. You should make a list of at least 100 words/phrases you caught from the movie, and what they mean in English.

For example:

1) Hola= hi 1) Bonjour= Hello 1) Ciao= Hi

2) Adiós= good-bye 2) Au revoir= good-bye 2) Arrivederci= good-bye

Make sure to hand in this list, which can be hand-written, with your reaction.

4) Next, make sure to write a plot-summary, which can be in English, telling me, in your own words, what happened in the movie. One to three well-written paragraphs should be enough.

5) Finally, I want you to do a free-write a reaction about the movie. Just write for a page or so about what you saw. Did you like the movie? Why or why not? What cultural differences did you notice in the film? Was it different from an American film? Would you recommend it your friends? Just show me that you read and have reflected on this experience. (All of these can be in English and either typed or hand-written).

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