Freud and the Commandments

Freud and the Commandments

Hey! how are you? I have a paper for a religion& psychology class about freud, Totem and Taboo
do you know about this?
the prompt:
According to Freud’s view, religion can be traced to a psychological source and explained in psychological terms. Applying his theories—as covered in Totem and Taboo—explain any four of the following commandments from Exodus via Freud’s framework and terminology.

Your essay should open with an introduction that offers a brief overview of Freud’s outlook regarding the source and function of religious ideas.

Be sure to cite the source text to support your explanations, definitions, and accounts of the psychological connections.

ALSO NOTE: This is not a statement of personal belief or judgment. You are being asked only to offer an understanding of Freud’s perspective—whether you agree with it or not.

If you would like to add your own view or comment, include it at the end of the essay. [Though it may be as long as you like, personal commentary may not account for more than 100 words of the assigned wordcount for the paper.]

if you didn’t read Freud before please tell me. I can do it myself. it’s okay. I need it by the end of this week. if you don’t think you can do it without plagiarism or anything, tell me.

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