From the sociological imagination reflective analytical essay

Written Assignment – Short
Reflective/Analytical Essay (10%)
• As part of this assignment you will be required to complete the Columbia College
Library’s Plagiarism Tutorial in class Wed May 30. NOTE: If you do not complete the
plagiarism tutorial your assignment grade will be deducted by 5%
• Essays should be typed, double spaced, font Time New Roman, size12
• 600-800 words maximum double spaced (not including the reference page)
• Assignments going over the word limit will be penalized (10% for every 50 words)
• Use APA style formatting only
• Proper citations throughout your work!
• Please title your work creatively
• Include your full name and student number
• Assignments will be submitted electronically and uploaded to CAMS – in Word or PDF
• Late Assignments will be deducted by 10% per day including weekends/holidays

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