fun home: a family tragicomic and Issues with Narrative Identity

Alison Bechdel identifies herself as a “lesbian,” and ​Fun Home​ charts her discovery and early exploration of her sexual identity. Using the class’s “Wiki Project” as a resource, define“sexuality” and argue to what extent one’s sexual identification is a key part of one’s identity.How does Bechdel’s father’s sexuality–and his apparently ​absent​ identification with any orientation label like “gay” or “bisexual”–perhaps figure into his life story and experience?Would Bruce Bechdel have made different choices and perhaps lived a different life if he, like Alison, had accepted and labeled his sexuality openly as a younger man? How does Alison’s awareness of her father’s sexuality affect her perception of her own sexuality, and in turn, how do his actions and decisions affect how Alison sees herself as a “woman” and as a “lesbian”

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