MKT2134 Integrated Marketing Communications

Group Assignment 20%

April 2018


The aims of the assignment are:

  • Comprehend the concepts, roles and processes of Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Identify the role of communications within the marketing mix.
  • Describe the communication process.
  • Comprehend the objectives and the budgeting for the promotional program.



Choose a cleaning product.   You are required to produce an IMC plan to promote your product by using the promotional mix strategies.


Requirements for Presentation:

  • You need to form a group of 5 or 6 members.
  • Each group will be given 15 minutes to present your IMC plan. All groups need to submit your presentation slides.
  • Your presentation and presentation slides must include the followings:
    • Introduction
    • Presentation contents
      • Promotional program situation analysis
      • Analysis of the communications process
      • Budget determination
      • Develop integrated marketing communications strategies
      • Implement integrated marketing communications strategies
      • Evaluate and control integrated marketing communications strategies
    • Conclusion
    • Reference Lists
  • All facts obtained must have proper referencing.
  • All statements, opinions, conclusions, etc. taken from another writer’s work should be cited using APA referencing, whether the work is directly quoted, paraphrased or summarized.



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