Future of a New Day

“Term Paper Assignment: Draft a 2500-word minimum, double-spaced paper on a law-related topic of your choice, using at least three scholarly sources. Analyze and explain a legal topic that is of interest to you. You must use three scholarly sources, which are peer-reviewed journals or law reviews. Unacceptable, non-scholarly sources are magazines, newspapers, web sites (unless you have received approval from me), Wikipedia and anything like it, and other popular media. If in doubt as to whether a source meets the scholarly standard, then email me to ask. Use a recognized form of citation in your paper, such as Chicago, MLA, or the Blue Book. Use footnotes, not endnotes or in-text citation. Grammar, style, and spelling will all count, in addition to the substance of your analysis and explanation. Try to have fun by picking a topic about which you are curious.”-Given Instructions

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