Galanin peptide



Peptide mediators are important physiological regulators. This exercise investigates the physiology and pharmacology of peptide mediators in learning and memory (cognition). In this exercise, you will research the pharmacology of a particular peptide mediator involved in cognition, and design a theoretical drug that interferes with this peptide pathway to improve cognition. You will then prepare a poster that presents the pharmacology of your peptide, and the drug you have designed.


During tutorial time. Each one will then be allocated a peptide by the tutor(Galanin).

Your task is to design a drug that will (theoretically) act on the physiological pathway (production, action or termination) of your peptide and improve cognition (i.e. a new ‘smart pill’). You can work as a group to research your peptide, however each student needs to design their drug (and prepare their poster) individually.

  1. Research your peptide and determine its physiology and pharmacology (production, transport, physiological action and termination). Your primary source for research should be peer-reviewed biomedical science literature which you can search for using PubMed(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  2. Decide on a likely point of intervention in this peptide pathway, that you predict will improve cognition
  3. Create a name for your new drug.
  4. Prepare a 1 page poster advertising your new drug. Your poster must include the following required elements:
    • The name of your new drug.
    • The peptide pathway your drug acts on.
    • The mechanism of action for your drug (use a flow diagram).
    • A catchy marketing slogan.
  5. Submit your poster via the online submission link on the course website by 9am Tuesday May



Learning Objectives

  • Research the physiological pathway of a specific peptide mediator.
  • Apply your knowledge of pharmacology to design a theoretical drug that interacts with a peptide pathway to produce a desired biological effect.
  • Communicate information about your peptide pathway and new drug in a clear, engaging, and accurate manner.



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