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In all of our categorizations, we tend to have reasons why we categorize items the way we do. It can be done functionally, where you categorize items according to the function they serve; and it can be feature-wise, where items are classified according to their various features. You can also classify processes and non-physical items. The secret is to think of the various characteristics of an item, process or a given situation. You then have to ask yourself what sets them apart and use the main differences as the basis for you categorization. The essay can thus be based on the quality of the items being classified; the essay can be based on the efficiency of a process; or you can use the specifications or features of an item to classify it. You have to ensure that you put items in their order of merit (based on the criteria you use) and you have to evaluate them. Before you do all this, you have to identify the items first. It is impossible to classify an item that you cannot identify. Identifying an object or a function means that you have a solid basis for your classification essay. It would be erroneous to mistake an octopus for a fish and then launch into a lengthy essay that compares the octopus to the fish based on your wrongful identification. It is thus evident that there is nothing daunting about the classification essay so long as you are well informed on the topic under focus. All that is needed is an acute knowledge of the required writing skills and a solid grasp of the language for the essay to take form.  You should be mindful, however, that classification essays come in many flavors and you should pay particular attention to the instructions of the instructor before you commence writing one to avoid making a costly mistake.

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