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PHI 2600: Ethics

Spring 2018

(11:00 T/R)

Instructor: David Robbins

2nd Position Paper Handout




The purpose of this paper is to find an ethical dilemma or current event that has ethical implications. You must find a current news source where the dilemma is discussed (either in print or on the internet). This dilemma will be the topic for your paper. All topics must be cleared with me first before you proceed further. I would like a copy of the article where you found the information attached to the final draft of the paper.


The paper will be composed of three distinct parts. 1. First describe why this event is of ethical importance, as well as what is happening and why. 2. Next I would like you to take two of the ethical theories that we have dealt with in the class (Utilitarianism, Virtue Ethics, etc.) and explain how these theories would deal with the problem as it presents itself. 3. Finally I would like you to explain the weaknesses of how the ethical theories dealt with the problem, your personal opinion about the ethical dilemma, and how you would go about solving the problem (if it can in fact be solved). I will be happy to read draft copies before the final due date if I get them in the appropriate amount of time. I suggest you choose a topic that is of personal interest to you since it is usually easier to write about something you feel strongly about.




Topic: You must turn in a topic to me by the date listed below. Please write a one             paragraph summary of the topic and which two theories you plan to use. The topic       can be either hand written or typed.


Final Draft: The final draft is the polished final presentation of your paper. It should take            into account instructor comments and be free from grammar and spelling errors.


Grading Percentages:


            Topic: 15%


Final Draft: 85%



Due Dates:


Topic: Tuesday, April 3rd


Final Draft: Tuesday, April 24th




The finished product is due on Tuesday, April 24th at the beginning of class. If the final paper is late five points will be deducted for each business day in which I have not received it. There will also be penalties if the topic is received late.

It is to be approximately 1000 words long with a cover page that includes all relevant information, i.e. title, your name, section of the course, date, etc.


Helpful Hints:


  • Refer to the handout “How to Write a Philosophy Paper” for general guidelines on writing this type of paper.
  • Secondary sources are not needed and should not be used for this assignment. Therefore there is no need use MLA format. The purpose of this paper is to apply the theories we have learned in class to the dilemma you have found in the news.
  • Plagiarism is the use of writing that is not your own and can result in failing the assignment. If you have any questions please see me or consult the “Philosophy Paper” handout.


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