Critical Reflection on theories


102179 Theories of the Social Autumn 2018

Assessment item 1 Part 3.

Critical Reflection on the place of theory in understanding the social

For Assessment Item 1 Part 3 you need to complete a critical reflection of your understanding of the place of theory in understanding the social. This will be based on your reading, workshop discussions and online contributions.

The reflection is 600 words, please do not go over this as it is important to be able to succinctly reflect on your learning.  This is also designed to discourage you from doing summaries of theories you have learnt about is this is not the purpose of the assignment.

To help you complete your critical reflection, think about:

  • The relationship between theory and understanding the social world


  • Critical reflection of your learning – assumptions, taken for granted ideas, what has changed or been disrupted in your understanding of theory and the social


  • Your ideas about theory and different theoretical perspectives – are you clear about where you stand?


  • Can you see the relationship between theory and practice in any particular contexts you are familiar with?


  • Is there a body of theory or specific theorist/theory that you would like to pursue further? Why? What is significant about this in your learning in this unit?


The critical reflection is NOT a summary of a theory or theories you have learned about. Rather, it is a critical reflection about your understanding of theory and how it helps to understand the social. Your reflections could demonstrate how your ideas about theory have changed/developed; insights you have had from engaging on the online discussions; insights into particular theories and how this has impacted your understanding of the social.

The assignment can be written in the first person (I) but as appropriate should be referenced and should be academic in style.

The assignment should be submitted to the turn it in link under the assessment link in Vuws.

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