Health Promotion across life span

Please find attached a picture of the case study and care plan to assist for this assignment. Answer the reflective questions at the end of the Case Study.

1. What strategies could be suggested for this older adult couple to enhance their quality of life?

2. What community resources can they use?

3. What can the daughter and her family do to address the feelings of isolation of the older couple?

4. What health-promotion activities can ensure a healthy lifestyle for them?

This assignment should be a minimum of one typed page in length and maximum 2 pages. Please read the chapter prior to completing the assignment, and use the concepts discussed in the text to answer the questions posed. Number your answers and answer each question in a separate paragraph.

You need to use as least 2 references dates within the past 5 years (2013-2018) to support your answers. The textbook may be used as 1 resource/reference. Direct quotes from the text should be in quotation marks, with page #’s indicated. Try to paraphrase when possible and remember to use APA formatting. Please remember, all assignments are screened via SafeAssign. You should have less than 20% match on SafeAssign. You may resubmit your assignment before the due date if your SafeAssign is above 20%. Case studies that are over a 50% match on Safe Assign will receive a zero.

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