Healthcare and Retirement Proposal

From: Vice President, Avionics Horizons

Subject: Health insurance and retirement plan proposal

As you know, the annual job fair is almost upon us, and this time, I am the one who is expected to recruit potential employees. One of the major concerns that prospective applicants voiced last year was that we did not offer either health insurance or retirement plans.
This plan needs a reference page, cited work in APA format

I have therefore decided that we make such plans available to our present and future employees, and for this purpose, I would like you to research the two topics and then produce a document that will meet the following criteria: 1) it makes a persuasive case that we need healthcare and retirement plans to improve working conditions and the profitability of our company, 2) it offers an introduction to the different types of plans that are available, and 3) it presents a recommendation as to which plans we should acquire. The document should consist of 10-12 pages of text (double-spaced) and feature a References section along with any appendices you might need. Since it will be presented to the senior management of our company, it should be free of jargon and easy to understand. I expect some resistance to my idea, so a well-crafted and visually appealing document should aid my efforts tremendously.

As you know, Avionics Horizons, a small firm with 48 employees, is a leader in manufacturing avionics equipment and prides itself on being a family-owned business that delivers quality products. We want to make sure we stay ahead of the competition by providing a workplace that stimulates employee interaction and economic growth.

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