Heart of Darkness: A feminist critique

You will be writing an essay, in MLA format, in which you critically analyze the novella.
 Each of you read the story through a particular critical lens that you chose and the
Reader Response Lens.
o Choose an aspect of the story that changed, became clearer, or was noted
because of that lens.
 The Reader Response addition allows you to also input your opinions and
feelings about your point.

 You will create a clear and concise thesis statement regarding this revelation and prove
your stance with information from the text.
o Remember, you aren’t analyzing the entire novella. You are choosing something
that stood out to you during your reading because of the lens or making a claim
based on the theory you chose.

 There is no need to explain the theory you are utilizing. Jump right into the analysis.
 Your essay should be 2.5-4 pages in length and must include a proper introduction,
thesis statement, body section, and conclusion. The essay will be formatted according to
MLA standards. If any outside research is done, it must be cited properly within the text
and on a Works Cited page. The novella must also be cited properly.

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