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Essay Assignment 2

50 points

Due Monday, April 2


Write a 2 page analysis of: Summary of the Petition of Doña Eulalia Callis and Related Documents Regarding Her Husband’s Infidelity, California, 1780’s


– the document can be found in your book Chapter 6, Document 3. Page 135.


This assignment is not about re-telling me what we have covered in class nor is it to summarize what she states. I expect you to use your critical thinking skills to develop a clear and focused analysis of the document and to contextualize it.


Some guidance:

Read the document carefully and write notes as you do so. Underline ideas, themes and subjects that look familiar to you. Refer to the PowerPoints for help if you need.


Here are a few questions to consider as you read. These questions should help you pull some ideas out.

Who wrote the document?

What type of document is it?

Why was the document written and for what audience? Under what circumstances was it composed?

What material in the document is believable, and what is not?

What might historians learn from this document?

What can the document tell us about the individual who produced it and the society from which he or she came?



Minimum 2 pages typed. Max 5 pages

Times New Roman 12 point font

Double space and staple your paper


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