US Work and Labor, 1877-1945



Final Exam Review Sheet


The exam will cover material from chapters 5-10 of Who Built America? and all class lectures and discussions since the midterm. To prepare for the exam, students should review both their lecture notes and the assigned readings. The extra credit assignment (available on Sakai) will help students think about likely questions, and can be completed up until the day before the exam.


The exam will consist of a single essay. Students will have a choice between two essay prompts. Students should expect to write an essay of roughly 5-8 paragraphs, drawing on specific details from lectures and readings to support their arguments.


Listed below are the possible topics for the essay. Please note that these are NOT THE QUESTIONS themselves. The essay prompts, however, will be drawn fromthe following topics:


(1) the economic, cultural and political developments of the 1920s


(2) the origins, achievements, and limitations of the New Deal

(3) the impact of the Great Depression on American society, politics, and the economy

(4) the evolving power and influence of organized labor in American society between 1920 and 1945

(5) how the goals and outcomes of government policies designed to protect workers differed on the basis of gender and race between 1920 and 1945




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