Read the section on American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny in your assigned Week 1 reading (the topic introduction above is NOT your assigned reading. Click on the “Readings & Videos” icon on the homepage in our classroom to find your assigned reading for each week of the course).

Think about the sections in your assigned Week 1 reading on Native Americans, Westward Expansion, Seeking Empire, and Hawaiian Annexation.

Then, in a post of at least 150 words with at least one properly-cited APA source (the assigned reading or videos are fine), answer the following questions:

What were the consequences of American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny? Be sure to justify your answer.
Is American Imperialism justified? Why or why not?
Describe an example of American imperialism or Manifest Destiny used by the U.S. How does American foreign policy and imperialistic action impact your career and the American workforce as a whole? What types of careers do you think are impacted the most and why?

For this assignment, you will continue to ponder the immigration and expansion ideas and mindset of the individuals in the early 20th century.

Assignment Instructions:

In a paper of at least 600 words using two sources (an outside source and one of your readings or videos in class are fine):

Discuss how U.S. Imperialism and the Manifest Destiny impact U.S. workplaces today
How has U.S. Imperialism changed the demographics in your workplace?
Give an example of how at least one group has been impact by U.S. immigration and expansion.
Sources must be cited in the text AND in the reference list.

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