history midterm essay



History 6 Midterm Exam Study Guide

*The information for this exam will be drawn from all course materials ranging from week 1 to
week 7.

Primary source analysis essay
For this section, you will receive a primary source based on one of these two topics. You will
need to analyze and then contextualize the source by relating it to specific themes, trends, people,
concepts, laws, events, acts of resistance, and/or ideologies that you have learned from the course
material. Remember to explain your arguments and examples. DO NOT assume I know what
you are talking about. In addition, you are required to discuss the significance of the source
within the context of American history. Finally, you are required to format your response in a
narrative (essay style) structure (DO NOT simply list your responses). Be sure to use in-text
citations when applicable.

Possible Topics
1. Labor Systems and People of North America (indentured servitude, slavery, etc.)
2. Emergence of Slave Regions in North America

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