The passage are these :

liad 2.196-393 (Thersites)

the way how you find the passages from the book

(in the notation Iliad x.yyy-yyy, the x refers to the book number — click on this when you get to the translation home page — and the yyy-yyy numbers refer to lines in the poem…those to the right of the verses, not the ones in brackets.)

Please read the passages from this translation of Homer’s Iliad listed below and write specifically about the one assigned to your group. The Iliad deals with just one year in the Trojan War, a mythic confrontation between Greeks and the city of Troy. Look up the basic story if you’re unfamiliar with it, but for the written response focus on your assigned passages. Questions to consider…What is heroic in this world? How do the heroes interact with each other? What matters to Achilles et al. about the fighting at Troy? What do they hope to achieve? What personal qualities are valued in this world? Are they the same as what we’d describe as ‘heroic’ in our society? Keep in mind what we discussed about the likely political landscape in the aftermath of the collapse of Mycenaean palaces…local chiefs jockeying for position and negotiating new networks for prestige. And think about how these heroes have concerns completely different from those of the cities depicted on the shield you drew for last time.