human resource management

human resource management

QUESTION 1: DEVELOPING EQUITABLE PLANS AND PROCESSES (Topic 1: Developing Equitable Plans and Processes)

1.1 Participate in the development of one of the following equity related policies/plans for your organisation:
? Recruitment process
? Selection process
? Employment equity process
? Skills development/training process
? Performance appraisal process

Attach the following evidence to prove that you have consulted widely and communicated with the relevant stakeholders in developing the policy. Submit evidence of :

a. The copies of the sources of information that you consulted when you were developing the policy, i.e. legislation, sector specific codes, organisational documents/processes etc.
b. The draft policy that you developed
c. Evidence of having communicated your first draft of your policy to the relevant stakeholders requesting their input into this document, i.e. this could be in the form of an email, letter, memo etc
d. Having received feedback regarding the draft policy from your stakeholders and their suggested inputs, i.e. this could be in the form of an email, letter, memo etc.

1.2) Develop a plan to communicate, implement and monitor the newly developed policy within your organisation. You may use the template provided below to assist you in submitting the evidence.
Implementation Plan (template):
Policy When created Steps for implementation When to be reviewed Stakeholders to be involved in review
Who will make necessary adjustments

? Your plan includes activities on how you intend to monitor the implementation of the policy in the organisation.
? Your plan includes activities that will allow for effective two way communication and feedback from your stakeholders on the effectiveness of the new policy and

1.3) Evaluate the process that you followed to develop, communicate, implement and monitor the policy. What were the strengths and weaknesses in your process?
? How would you do things differently next time?

QUESTION 2: MANAGING INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM PERFORMANCE (Topic 2: Managing Individual and Team Performance)

2.1) Identify an entry-level position in your organisation (e.g. receptionist/ administrator) for which you have to set performance goals. Draft four (4) performance goals for this position. Ensure that the goals are measurable, clear, achievable and specific.
a) Explain how you will measure each performance goal in a quantifiable manner. You may consider discussing time, quantity, quality, cost and/or risk for each goal.
2.2) Share these goals with the person in that position and his/her manager. Obtain written proof that both parties agree with the performance goals drafted, i.e. a signed document or formal contract.
a) In your own words, explain the link between these performance goals and the performance contract, and how it serves as a source document for performance.
2.3) Assess the performance of this staff member against the performance goals developed in 2.1. Submit the completed performance evaluation document as evidence.
a) In your own words, explain the performance evaluation technique you used to assess your staff members performance and why this technique is appropriate.
2.4) Write a feedback report that will be used during your feedback session with this person. Submit a copy of the feedback report focusing on the staff member’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of their performance goals. Check that the manner in which you give feedback to the employee in your report is honest, tactful and respectful towards the employee.

2.5) Based on your evaluation of the employee in Q2.3, you need to identify areas for development to address the employees skills gaps. Formulate a development plan for that person using the following template.
Development Plan
Performance Goal
Competency to be developed to achieve performance goals
Progress since last session
Date by when this competency must be developed
Resources and support mechanisms needed to achieve the competency and performance goal
2.6) Explain how you will get the employee’s agreement on the above development plan?
2.7) Explain how the performance goals you set in 2.1 are in line with organisational/ industry practices and values.