Human rights

Human rights

Sociology Essays ( 3pages – need to include all of answers for these following questions.)?

1.?????Find a Constitution on ?Constititon Finder? ( has a robust? conception of human rights so you can answer the following questions (50% for a-i):
a.?????Does it protect women?s rights? Please quote.
b.?????Does it protect children?s rights? Please quote.
c.?????Does it protect the rights of minorities? Please quote.
d.?????Does it mention labor rights? Please quote.
e.?????Does it mention housing, food security, health care? Please quote
f.??????Go to UNDP and find where your country stands on the HDI index.
g.?????Go to Social Watch and find where your country stands on the Gender Equity Index.
h.?????This map has all the countries in the world and their Peace Index:?
Where does your country stand?
i.??????Next turn to international human rights. You will need to click on the left to pull up ratification information. First, has ?your country? ratified the Convention on?
Economic, Social & Cultural Rights? Has the U.S.?

2.What did you learn from students? presentations of empirical indicators?
you can simply talk about anything related to the empirical indicators because we have been talk about many different things through out the class and I don’t remember much.?I see that the students rely on the data without looking at the date sometimes. Sometimes i read about the census and it is necessary to show the standard deviation to see how mistake it is made. For the human index level, it didn’t tell us how many people were in the sample. Collecting information from a group of people doesn’t mean the whole country will be like that. In my country, Seoul likes to say in direct way. Central part likes half lie, half truth. Southern part, which is commercial places, likes to lie. So how the people in other countries will view us , as liars?, as truth-seeker? or as both?? (this is basic ideas so just get a sense of it)

3.What did you learn from students? presentations of chapters from Blau & Moncada?
We had?a presentation about many chapters from the book?Human Rights: A Primer?(Paradigm, 2009) that is written by Judith Blau, my professor, & Alberto Moncada.
Talking about chapter 2,3 or 4,6,7 or 8,9 or 14,16 together could be a good way as we did the group presentation of those chapters together.

These can be accessed on International Human Rights Law, or googling them.
2. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
3. International Covenant on Economic & Social Rights
4. International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights
7. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
8. International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
9. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
14. Convention on the Rights of the Child
16.Declaration on the Rights to Development
4How meaningful was your service learning? (30%)
aCan you describe a particular event or social exchange that illuminated for you the significance of human rights
-it need to be added but basically I have learned that how important of education could be. Working for the after school program at the HRC and surveying workers in Restaurants brought me a question of some parts of human rights.? I always have thought that all human being have equal rights to express their thought and be educated. However, I have realized that most of restaurant nearby Franklin Street, Chapel Hill in North Carolina treated many of their workers unfairly even though that is legally prohibited by the U.S. law. For example, many of workers did not have a citizenship nor non-residents.? In addition, there were under aged kids who get paid under the minimum wages. However, unfairly treated workers had no right to speak their thought or opinion in case their owner get mad and fired them right away. From surveying restaurant, I also learned that the words written in laws cannot change the world we live in unless people are willing to change the world by following the laws. For the afterschool, I realized that out society is having to face problems from increased polarization of wealth. One side of kids from wealthy background get good education of what they need according to their needs when the other side of kids from poor family have no extra help when it needed. Every time I go volunteer for afterschool, I felt that my time is well spend since elementary kids who were in afterschool were happy the fact that I am helping them with their studies and they were eager to learn. ?
b.Clarify what you did for service-learning this semester.