Length: 5 – 6 typed double-spaced pages, plus a brief Self-Reflection

Roxane Gay writes about a multitude of ways hunger manifests, and also the complicated ways that food, fitness, and our bodies connect with perceptions in society, culture, and ourselves.

In this paper, you will write about how you see food related to your own perception of your body, our society, culture, yourself, etc. You are not writing memoir or a personal essay like sections of Roxane Gay’s Hunger are crafted; you are going to make an argument in response to some of the claims and arguments she makes in the memoir.

Things we’re thinking about: how food is associated with and is symbolic with things like the body/self/identity, leading to ideas in society/culture.

This paper will have an introduction, at least 7 body paragraphs, a conclusion, and will incorporate at least four sources (two from our reading, and others you find through your own research).


Does the paper clearly present a thesis (a position that one might disagree with)?

Does each topic sentence speak back to that thesis, advancing the argument?

Is the outside information from a reputable source?

Is the process of discovery presented with a clear structure?

Are outside sources properly cited according to MLA formatting guidelines?

Is the paper clearly your work, rather than coming from some other author?

Is the language of the paper appropriate to your audience?

Are you considering positions that oppose your own?

After the paper, in the same file, add your Reflection:

At no longer than one double-spaced typed page, the REFLECTION should include your response to EACH of the following:

What was your process for this essay? (AKA the stages of writing the essay, such as reading, class discussion, group work, dialog with classmate or someone else, pre-writing, writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading, even where you wrote and under what circumstances).
Did you find the Working Thesis conversation effective? Be specific (and be sure to include the names of your peers). If you missed the Working Thesis class day, explain how you used the forum after.
What are your feelings about the work as a whole (strengths and weaknesses)? Be specific.
Ask one question that you would like me to address in my comments (design your question to elicit feedback).


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