I need help executing command within PowerShell 5.0 Cmdlets


CNIT 102 PowerShell – Lesson 3 and 4
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PowerShell – Lesson 3 and 4
Homework Assignment – PS HW 2
Please complete the following assignment by running the appropriate commands for each step. Please
submit a Microsoft Word Docs and name the
file, FirstNameInitialofLastNameCNIT102PSHW2.docx (e.g.AlanLCNIT102PSHW2.docx).
In the Word Doc, please write out the cmdlets you used for each step (clearly number them to the
corresponding questions). In addition, take a screenshot of PowerShell with the result of the HISTORY
cmdlet to show your work, and paste it as part of the Word Doc.
Each correct answer is worth 10% for a total of 100% for this assignment. This assignment is worth 3%
of your total grade. If you failed to follow the direction on naming your file, I will deduct 5% of the
grade (0.15% of total grade).
1. How can we find out the different membertypes (e.g. properties and methods) of the Get-Process
2. How can we load the Storage module to the current session?
3. How can we gather a list of only the SingularNoun for all the cmdlets currently available in our
PS session? Please limit the list to only show the unique noun.
4. How can we display a list of all available modules that ends with the word “server”?
5. How can we add “C:Users” directory to the $PSModulePath environment variable?
6. How can we view what Snap-ins, if any, are loaded?
7. How can we get a list of all services and group them by their status, and sort them by the count?
8. How can we get a list of the newest 10 event logs from the Security Logs and display only the
values from Source and Message?
9. How can we get a list of all processes, sort them by ProcessName in ascending order, and then the
Handles by descending order?
10. How can we get a list of aliases, group them by their definition, sort them by the count with the
higher count on top?

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