Identifying Relevant Theories and Models

Identifying Relevant Theories and Models

1. You must use the client that you picked for the biopsychosocial in Unit 4 for this assignment. This is also the same client you will be continuing with for your Unit 10 Assignment, which is due at the end of the quarter.

2. In terms of number of pages, this assignment should be no more than 8 pages long.

3. You can use/apply any 3 theories to your case/client, but you MUST provide a rationale for how and why that theory is applicable. When you describe each theory, be sure to also explain why it is applicable to your client/case. You must also build a strong argument for the theory which you ultimately think fits best.

4. With regards to sources/references, if you cite information in this assignment from the sources you included for your Unit 4 assignment, then you need to include these in your current References. You must also include any additional sources that you use for this assignment. These references will all need to be presented in the Unit 10 Assignment, under the section Treatment Plan Interventions Annotated Bibliography.

5. Do not forget to include an examination of the issues/case/client from a systems perspective. Hint hint: this means that you must explore the role of the family, the client’s background and upbringing, and how these dynamics are relevant. You must also choose a specific family systems model or modality to apply to the case.

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