Indigenous Healing Approach vs Western approach

The utilisation of counselling and services of a psychologist is an elitist, western practice, which is in stark contrast to African Indigenous beliefs and practices.
Write an essay opposing the above statement. In your argument, include the following:
-The importance of psychotherapy
-The utility of theory in psychotherapeutic practice.
-An in depth discussion of the importance of a culturally sensitive counsellor/therapist in the South African Context
-The key tenets and basic assumptions of the psychoanalysis approach which may be aligned to African Indigenous approaches
-Limitations of utilising Western approaches in a multicultural context and ways in which a multicultural psychotherapist or counsellor can deal with the limitations.
In writing up the essay, one must critically compare the general similarities and differences between the two healing approaches (i.e The Indigenous Healing Approach and the Western approach).

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