EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: Watch the two videos below (30 min. and 19 minutes) and attend to the following in no less than 300 words:


What is inequality? What is intersectionality and why is it important? What are the interrelationships among race and class, and how does this relate to institutionalized racism? Use specifics from the videos, the readings, and lecture to bolster your response.

This is not a “film assignment” but it is also not an “opinion assignment” — it should briefly represent how the film demonstrates specifics from the reading and lecture on social class and intersectionality, and how these topics relate to issues of race. It should clearly evidence that you’ve watched the films in their entirety (approx. 50 min.) and are broadly familiar with a critical perspective on inequalities (particularly social class, intersectionality, and race.) Ensure that this short reflection is well-written and contains more than an attempt at placating me with some ambiguous mentioning of “power.”

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