influence of corporate social responsibility to share holder in financial institution?


For this assignment you are required to develop a Research Proposal of between 3,000 and 3,500 words. Your proposal is to be designed as a template for you to undertake a research project in a field related to your future study. For details see the marking guide for the report content. All materials must be referenced and assignments will be run through Turnitin. See Outline for Research Proposal below.



Project Title and Abstract

Background or to the research area history, present situation, comparative view of rivals, current activities, situation leading to marketing research need.


Introduction/ Problem Definition ie: Brief explanation and refinement of the problem / opportunity.

 MANAGEMENT DECISION STATEMENT ie: an ‘actionable’ statement for which the research is intended to provide information / answers.

 RESEARCH STATEMENT ie: a restatement of the management decision problem/opportunity in general research (measurable) terms.

 RESEARCH OBJECTIVES ie: 3-5 points on what the research intends to accomplish / measure / determine / assess / etc. Specific objectives that will guide the research. These can be reviewed as you conduct the research.


Literature Review

Outline the previously published research used to gain an insight / perspective on the decision / research problem. This should provide a framework in which the research fits. State the relevance of the information found in regards to the research. Remember to critique the information – where applicable. Conclude with a summary of the research problem and how you will address it in your own words.

Research Design / Methodology

Describe the type of research methodology to be undertaken – Qualitative or Quantitative? You will need to describe what forms of research instrument you will use (e.g. questionnaire/survey/interview/focus group) and how it/they will be constructed, how many PQP4300 – RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

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are expected to be completed (number of respondents), describe the prerequisites (if any) a respondent must have in order to participate, how many questions there are, how long it will take to complete, and how / where it will be administered & distributed.

 SAMPLING METHOD ie: Define the target population that will be used in the sample, the sampling technique chosen and the sample size. This is a short section, as more detail will be included once the survey is completed.

 MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENT ie: Describe what the research instrument is designed to measure, the variables it will analyse, and the types of scales used to measure the variables.

 PROPOSED ANALYTICAL METHOD ie: Briefly explain how the data will be coded and analysed and what the results are expected to provide.


Time Frame

How long it will take to complete each component of the research and analysis.

Limitations of the Study and Ethical Issues

The limitations that may affect the accuracy of the results. These need to be pointed out so that future research can be improved (e.g.: sampling errors, non-sampling errors, response errors, non-response errors, etc).


Reference any published information / data used – according to the university’s ‘Referencing Guide’.

Appendix: (Data collection tool)

Include a copy of the data collection tool (e.g. questionnaire) in the appendix. The data collection tool must be fully formatted, that is presented in a style that is suitable for the collection of data from your proposed sample population.

Learning Outcomes

 Demonstrate a clear understanding of the role of critical thinking and scientific method in decision making.

 Be familiar with a range of research methods employed in organisational research and understand the principles involved in selecting a method.

 Be able to conduct literature reviews and critically evaluate research studies.

 Demonstrate well developed skills in conducting specific research methods.

 Demonstrate the techniques involved in the effective presentation of research results.

 Display an awareness of the social and political context in which research exists.



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