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Report – Step 5. The Final Report

The Scenario

You have recently presented your draft report to your friend and you have received feedback on improvements you can make to both your presentation and your report. When you incorporate those changes, you will then be ready to email your report to Macey and deliver your presentation to her.


Macey has now given you a few other instructions too!



Your Tasks


The extra tasks that Macey has set for you are spread throughout these headings.


  1. General Instructions


  1. Create a folder named “your first name – Final Report”. When you complete this assessment, you will have 6 files in that folder


  1. Don’t include any reference to Melbourne Polytechnic or your status as a student in any documents intended for Macey. They should look ready for industry, not look like assignments submissions


  1. MS PowerPoint


  1. Improve your PowerPoint file according to the feedback you received.


  1. Formatting and Content of your Final Report


  1. Improve your MS Word Report according to the feedback you received.


  1. Word length: 1200 words, plus or minus 200 words


  1. Use MS Word “Styles” wherever appropriate


  1. Rename all the “Styles” used in your document by including your company’s name in them e.g. maceyHeading1


  1. When instructed to use dark grey text, the colour values should be RGB 41, 41, 41. When blue is required, the colour should b RGB values 0, 112, 192


  1. Font and paragraph settings:


  1. Body text: Calibri Light 11pt. Paragraph spacing of “auto” before and after


  1. First level Headings should be set to Cambria (heading) 16pt. Spacing of 18pt before and auto after. Dark grey text.




BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication                       Semester 3, 2017                    Page 1 of 4


  1. Second level Headings should be set to Cambria 12pt, bold, and with auto spacing before and after the paragraph. Dark grey text.


  1. Third level Headings should be set to Calibri Light, 11pt, bold, 18pt spacing before, auto spacing after. Dark grey text.


  1. All headings should sit on a line by themselves. So, for example if you have a Date heading, the actual date should be on the line that follows, like so:


  1. The header should look exactly like the following. Note that Macey has made some small adjustments to the company’s standard template. The horizontal line is a shape (a line) with a weight (thickness) of 1.5pt. The word Macey’s is text, not an image. The font is “Freestyle Script”


38pt. Paragraph Spacing after the paragraph should be set to 12pt.








  1. The footer should look exactly like the following. You’ll see that Macey has redesigned the company’s standard template here too. The date the document was last saved has been included to the left and the page number has been shifted to the right. Both the page number and save date should be implemented as fields. The top blue line is a paragraph border, and the vertical line is a shape. The lines have a ½ pt. thickness. Spacing before the paragraph in the footer should be 12pt. The text should be set to Calibri Light, 10pt, and grey (RGB 50, 50, 50)


  1. Include a table that summarises some information. It could, for example, list features, or display the result of the survey, or provide an overview of the differences. The table should look like the following. It should have a header row and banded rows. The header row should be dark grey.


The banded colours should be the light grey that MS Word uses for grey banding. Change the column widths and/or table position to optimise the presentation of your document.


One Two
A1 B1
A2 B2







BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication                       Semester 3, 2017                    Page 2 of 4


  1. Regarding paragraph spacing and breaking across pages:


  1. Remove all double line spacing from your document. All spacing between paragraphs should be controlled with paragraph settings (including keep lines together and keep with next) or breaks (such as page breaks). So, there should be no empty lines.


  1. Your tables should not break across pages


  1. Images should be together with the descriptions on the same page


  1. Don’t allow orphan headings, which are headings sitting alone at the bottom of a page. A heading should be followed by at least 2 lines of text before the page breaks.


  1. MS Word “Document Properties”


  1. Set MS Word’s default language to Australian English and remove all spelling and grammar errors.


  1. Embed the fonts that you use. You need to be sure that everyone that views your report will see the “Macey’s” logo as you have created it, even if they don’t have the “Freestyle Script” installed in their computer. To achieve that, embed within your document the fonts that you have used. This can be done in MS Word’s settings, in the save options.


  1. Put the name “Macey” into your document’s “Author” property and your name into its “Last Modified By” property


  1. Give both your MS Word and MS PowerPoint files names that would be suitable for Macey. The names should not refer to Melbourne Polytechnic or your status as a student.


  1. PDF and Email


Macey has asked that you email her the PDF the day before the presentation.     To that end:


  1. Save your document as a PDF


  1. Construct an appropriate message and send it and the PDF to Macey at
  1. Screenshots


Create a document named “your first name – Screenshots” and include screenshots showing:


  1. That you have set MS Word’s default language to “Australian English”


  1. That you have set up MS Word’s save options to “embed” the fonts


  1. That you have re-configured the Quick Access Toolbar by placing the “Format Painter” and “Paste and Keep Text Only” tools on it, plus any other tools you think most useful to you


  1. That Macey has been set as the Author and you have been set as the person who last modified the document


BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication                       Semester 3, 2017                    Page 3 of 4


  1. Template


Save your document (as a docx), and then save it again into your folder as a dotx file – that is, a


Template file. Name it “Comparison Report.dotx”. Then edit that Template file as follows:


  • Retain the headings but remove all other text


  • Describe the purpose of each heading, as you did in Report Step 2. Build on the feedback you received for your second report to improve this template.


  • Where you think practical, place those explanations within a “Plain Text Content Control” which you will find on the “Developer” tab. Note that you can get access to the “Developer” tab by right clicking on the Ribbon and selecting “Customize the Ribbon…”

Note too that you can change the text prompt by entering “Design Mode”:

Submission Instructions


The submission date is stated on the Report 5 dropbox.  The submission requirements are:


  1. Send your email to Macey at


  1. Zip up your folder and upload it to Moodle. The folder should be named “Comparison Report by your first name” and should contain:


  1. The Melbourne Polytechnic assignment cover sheet


  1. The PowerPoint presentation


  1. The report as an MS Word file


  1. The report as a PDF


  1. The .dotx template file


  1. The screenshots file, named “your name docx”


BIT101 – Effective Business Enquiry and Communication                       Semester 3, 2017                    Page 4 of 4


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