innovation individual audit report


Structure of assignment


Sony on Singapore

The country chosen is Singapore, and the company is Sony Electronic

Only electronic, not game(entertainment)

  1. Cover page

Font: Arial 12
Nice citations

Use headings and subheadings

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Table of content
  3. Introduction – 10-15%
  4. History/background of company and industry, recent developments (present innovation)
  5. Reason for innovation
  6. Body – 70-80%
  7. i) Macro & Micro (only choose one) (Total 2)
  8. PESTEL (Macro) ✓è With picture (Use table)
  9. Porter’s five forces (Micro) ✓è With picture (Use table)
  10. ii) Mckinsey 7s (With picture) (Use table)

iii) Government involvement and National resources

How condusive is the country of innovation (national system of innovation in Singapore) è Find picture of the national system on Singapore

  1. iv) Product life cycle and Roger’s adoption of Innovation
  2. v) Is the company red ocean/blue ocean?
  3. vi) Bell curve/S-curve and absorptive capacity

vii) Innovator’s dilemma

viii) Impact to society

  1. ix) Type of innovation. Differentiation, cost, frugal?
  2. x) Source of innovation, Target countries/market/segment.
  3. xi) IPR

xii) Growth/competitive advantage due to innovation?

xiii) Future, innovations on the horizon?

xiv) Provide recommendations for improvements

  1. Conclusion – 10-15%

i)Future Innovation

  1. References 10-15 (Harvard Referencing)




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