Interaction framework, device assesment, evaluation

Interaction framework, device assesment, evaluation

Part 1. Interaction Framework
Describe the concept of the Interaction Framework presented in the textbook.
Include in-text citation for the textbook and/or other sources,

Part 2. Device Assessment
Select a computing device other than a laptop or desktop computer choose a cell
phone, eBook device, grocery self-checkout, or other device you use often and
evaluate the user interface in regard to the following:

How easy it is to:
? Determine the primary function of the device
? Determine what actions are possible with the device
? Determine the mapping from intention to physical movement on the device.
? Determine how you perform the desired action
? Determine whether the system is in the state you expected after your actions
? Determine how the system maps between system state and your
interpretation of that state
? Determine in what state the system is

Part 3. Evaluation
Provide at least a half page explanation as to whether you think that the interaction
style selected for the device is suited to the device functionality.

? Your paper should show an understanding of the textbook reading.
? Use sources that are appropriate for university work.
? Use subheadings for each part of the paper so that your professor clearly sees
where each of the three parts begins.