International business experience

International business experience

Write the paper on the above topic including the below;

a. Introduction
b.Country background

2. Benefit/Costs/Risks Analysis
i.      Political economy of the country
ii.      Socio-Cultural Findings
iii.      Human Development Index
iv.      Overall Attractiveness using Benefits/costs//risks

3.Comparative Advantage Analysis of the target country
a. Use any 2 of the comparative assessment approach (eg, heckscher-olin theory and new trade theory )
b. Use the findings to substantiate the selection

4.Future potential assessment of the country
a. Using the Diamond assess the potential future development of the country’s business environment Diamond  framework looks at broad extension of industry ( therefore please choose an industry that has potential development , and write on factor endowment eg, basic and advanced factors , demand conditions, related and supporting industries, firm strategy, structure and rivalry  with inclusion  Chance Events, Government, & Foreign Multinational Business Activities. )
eg, airlines is transportation industry and the rival are trains , cars etc.. )
c. make and justify recommendations for possible improvements to the nation’s current international trade strategy
b. Conclusion