international entrepreneurship

Critical Essay

Choose ONE of the three discussion statements and conduct a literature review in response to that statement that critically discusses the academic research in the field. You should draw from case study examples used in lectures or from your own research. Where appropriate, you should also provide definitions.

“Encouraging entrepreneurship is bad public policy” (Shane, 2009). Critically discuss this statement by using relevant data that links start-up rates and innovation across three countries, considering the nature of entrepreneurship across a country’s stage of economic development.

Critically discuss and compare three approaches to small firm internationalization. Provide an appraisal of each and use relevant case study examples.

“Business is a beautiful mechanism to solve (global) problems” (Yunus, 2013). Critically discuss this statement by considering the role of entrepreneurship as a solution to global problems and use relevant case study examples.

This is to be completed on an individual basis and the review should be no more than 3,000 words. This accounts for 100 per cent of the total mark

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