International Family Interview Project

International Family Interview Project

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International Family Interview Project: The goal of this project is to acquaint you with a family that is culturally different from the family that you have grown up in. Find an individual or a family who has either immigrated to the United States, whose parents have come from another society, has adopted internationally, or who is visiting here. Interview at least one member of this family about an aspect of their family life that interests you and that seems different from yours. For example parenting, family customs, intergenerational relationships, dating, wedding customs, etc. Make up about 8-10 questions to ask them. In addition, read 2-3 articles in the academic literature on this topic, for example childrearing in Mexican families or arranged marriages in India. I shall explain how to find these articles in class. You are to write up your interview and observations, as well as a summary of your readings in a short paper.

?Your paper should NOT exceed 3-4 typed (double spaced) pages (NOT including the interview)

?Attach a typed copy of your interview to the end of your paper.

?Describe the interview: How you found that particular family, what you noticed, what they said, what are the most significant issues that they are facing, something interesting you learned about them.

?Try to integrate your interview with the readings. This means that you should not just write up the interview and then have a separate paper about the readings. Instead, combine the two: for example, say “I found interesting that Sasha was enthusiastic about raising an adopted child from Honduras. According to (reference, 2004) most parents who adopt internationally, want…….

?Describe a bit how the interview reflects what you have read about this group or topic – are there significant similarities or differences?

?Make sure NOT to use the person’s real name – you want to protect their anonymity.

?Include a properly referenced bibliography. It can be either APA style or MLA – whichever you are more familiar with.