Introduction to Cultural studies


Introduction to Cultural Studies


Social Issue/Current Events Assignment and Final Presentation Guidelines

Due: Tuesday June 12th by 11:59 p.m. (to YCSEC and e-mailed to


The purpose of the current events/social issue analysis assignment is to take a current or recent social issue and attempt to analyze and explain it using one or more social theories discussed in class and in your readings. In other words, this paper focuses on theoretical analysis of cultural politics or the political contexts of culture. You should avoid excessive focus on your own opinion in the paper, but instead structure your paper around an argument and evidence for that argument. You should reflect on and incorporate class readings (and/or outside readings).


The issue you choose for your analysis should be an item NOT covered extensively by articles we read in class—you are to do your OWN analysis, not just summarize the work of others. You may further explore a question from the midterm exam, but must do significant further analysis and new writing.


You must have at least five sources for this assignment and at least three of these sources must be academic sources. In terms of length, you should aim for roughly 4-5 pages double-spaced (a little longer or shorter is okay). Do keep in mind that length is less important than your actual content and clear communication!


Preliminary Deadlines:


5/10: Short proposal (1-paragraph) of the issue you intend to analyze and the social theory/theories you intend to use.


5/17: One page of your paper (draft) to workshop in class.




  1. Is the paper properly formatted/cited? (4 points possible)
  2. Does the paper effectively incorporate and reflect on one or more of the course readings, as well as incorporate other sources? (8 points possible)
  3. Is the paper proofread carefully for typos and errors, and is attention given to logical structure and sequence (argument, evidence)? (8 points possible)


Final Presentation Guidelines:


In the last two weeks of class, students will present a social theory analysis to the class (which can also be thought of as a workshopping session for the in-progress paper). You will have working groups but the grading will be individual. The grading criteria is as follows:


5%: Active participation in working group and all preliminary paper activities 5%: Content of presentation; depth of analysis.

5%: Aesthetics of presentations (visuals, etc.)



And this is my research paper’s question

———–and this is her reply———–

Hello Sun,


I think changing the question slightly to “In what ways is Trump’s administration similar to Stalin’s?” could make for a better paper?  And perhaps a follow-up such as “Can it be considered totalitarianism?”


Professor Tilland

Resources you must need to use are:



1)Hannah Arendt’s The origins of totalitarianism (excerpts)

-check the attached file



2) Supplementary reading:


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