Islamic finance: ijarah

Islamic finance: ijarah

Project description
Please answer the following questions:

1.why in ijarah operation, customer is required to pay a sum of money in advance to the financial institution? Does such advance payment is treated like Urboun? Or else? And what sharia rule applies to such sum in any way?

2. Is it sharia compliant to acquire an asset from a party and then leasing it to same party? Discuss how the rental would be determined and all other aspects related to this case?

3. Is it possible to execute an ijarah contract for an asset which is not owned by the lessor? And if so, what sharia rules would govern such contract?

4. Is it allowed for an institution to appoint its customer to act as an agent, on its behalf, in acquiring an asset that is desired by this customer? What type of risk are involved in such agency?