Jefferson vs. Hamilton, Confrontations That Shaped a Nation, Noble E Cunningham

Essay #1 Draft Submission
It is important to begin your draft earlier. Drafts are a genuine way for students to begin writing, to organize their thesis & evidence and to develop their understanding of the material. If you have not started the essay, there isn’t much that can be done if you wait until the last minute to write the Essay. . You need to make a genuine effort to prepare the draft. Students must read before you write. As you’re reading, read with the Essay prompt in mind. Start writing. The draft is your initial attempt at the Essay.

Feedback will be given, however, drafts will not be edited. It is the student’s responsibility to review their drafts for many common grammar and spelling errors. Please use the Essay checklist provided in the Essays folder and review the Essay Rubric. Students are encouraged to review the feedback provided prior to developing the Final Essay submission.

Students are encouraged to visit the on campus Academic Success Center for tutoring/writing assistance on the draft.

Submit a draft copy of Essay #1 (draft) (select the link "Essay #1- Draft" above.

1. Drafts must be minimum of 4 pages of clear organized paragraphs of subject matter text. Do not submit a title page or bibliography with the draft. Submit 4 pages with body text only. (10 points).

2. Drafts must have a thesis statement & paragraph topic sentences clearly highlighted (0 points)

3. Drafts must contain Chicago Style Citations for each quote, primary source and paraphrased text (6 points).

4. Draft must contain, analysis & reference the 4 primary sources selected from the text (4 points).

Points earned will be based on the minimum requirements stated above.

By submitting the draft you agree that you have reviewed and understand the Essay Instructions and Essay Rubric.

Drafts are worth 20 points out of the 100 points available for Essay


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