Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile Justice System

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10 questions: answer each question under a paragraph. Should be a total amount of 2 pages.

1. Discuss deterrence as a goal of juvenile corrections. Is the threat of punishment an adequate deterrent when another goal is using the least restrictive alternative to punish?

2. Should jury trials be permitted for juvenile offenders? Why or why not?

3. Identify and distinguish the four main categories of waiver actions (juvenile court to adult court). What are the main implications of waiving a juvenile to adult court?

4. Describe Police Discretion as it relates to juveniles as opposed to adults.

5. What juvenile Supreme Court cases are considered the first three in juvenile justice? Describe briefly some of the rights conveyed to juveniles through each of these cases.

6. Describe the history and evolution of how the death penalty was and is, used and applied to juveniles.

7. What is the difference between aggravating and mitigating circumstances? Why are they important?

8. In what way has the prosecutorial role of juveniles changed over the last several decades?

9. In the arenas of the intake process, the decision to waive a juvenile to adult court, and the decision on disposition by a judge, what are the common and normal legal and extralegal factors that are analyzed and taken into account for the decisions made?

10. What do you see as the single most concerning problem/issue in the juvenile justice system? Why?