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Assessment Brief



International Foundation Year


International Law, International Relations and Globalisation – 35191FBSG (124531)



International Law & Globalisation Essay




Submission Details:2000-word essay must be submitted on Turnitin by 4pm on 15TH May 2018



Assessment Details and Instructions:


The assessment is a 2000-word essay (+/- 10%)


You are to mention at least of one of the following businesses:


– United Nations

– Unicef



Research this business and answer the following questions, link your background knowledge of each question to your business with examples.



1.Describe your businesses international role andhow international law affects them. With reference to particular laws and examples.

  1. Research two different approaches to world politics; discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each approach giving a real-world example for each. Use real world historical examples regarding how countries have interacted and the implications it has caused for future events.
  2. Explain how globalisation affects your business, benefits and limitations it holds for your business including examples. Explain one product or service your business utilises on a global scale and analyse how successful or unsuccessful it has been,

Assessment Criteria and Mark Scheme:

Describe the role of international organisations and the impact of international law


Analyse different approaches to world politics


Explain the contemporary situation of business in a globalised economy


Each question will cover one of the above assessment criteria, each question will be equally weighted so consider this in your word count. (75% overall)

You will also be allocated marks for your introduction and conclusion, the quality of English, structure and references. (25% overall).


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