Learning Teaching and Assessment in Practice

Learning Teaching and Assessment in Practice

Paper details:
A second year student will be coming to your work area for a 5 week placement with you as their mentor. You have been informed that the student had been underachieving in their previous placement. Discuss how you, as a mentor, would develop learning, teaching and assessment strategies to support the student to achieve a successful outcome. Utilise /refer to the module content, the learning opportunities and resources in your practice area and further reading to develop your discussion. Conclude your discussion with how the learning gained would apply to your future practice as a mentor’ I am working at ophthalmic operating theater. I will attach all the points and marking criteria that I need to be included in the essay. I will also need 30 references using harvard style


Learning style (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic)
Learning theory (behavioral learning theories and cognitive)
Teaching style ( pedagogy and andragogy)
Approaches to assessment (initial meeting, midterm assessment=formative assessment 2way feedback, final assessment=summative assessment)
Dependence to independence
The learning environment (SWOT anaylsis…. Strength,weakness,opportunity,threat)
Mentor/student relationship….. role modelling
Supporter vs assessor role
Self-awareness and mentoring
Professional relationship and multi-disciplinary team working
Change management
SMART approach?
Identify underachieving students…. Their behavior
Supporting underachieve student
Decision to fail the student
Consequences of failing the students


Reference X30