The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice in using a number of research sources, as well as in the use of APA documentation format.!


Find the following items online, as required, and provide full documentation of each source in APA format. You will receive instructions on how to use APA format when it is time for you to do this assignment.!
The ?rst thing you must do is to choose any famous historical ?gure whose ?rst name begins with the same letter as your own. Once you have chosen this person, do the following:!

1. Find a book about this person. A book about a person is not a book by that person.!

• Use Novanet!

• You must choose “Subject” in the Novanet drop-down menu.!

• Give full documentation in APA format.

2. Find an article in a scholarly journal from a database about this person or his or her work.!

• You can use EBSCO or another database that is suggested in this handbook.!

• Give full documentation in APA format.!
3. Find a review of a recent book about this person.!

• The New York Times Book Review is a great place to start.!

• Read and review and provide a very brief synopsis of the overall evaluation of the reviewer. This might be one main sentence from the review that provides the thesis.!

• Give full documentation in APA format.!
4. Go to any online etymological dictionary, such as!

• Choose a word that beings with the same letter as your ?rst name, and summarized the etymology (history) of that word. Do not choose your name.!

• When was this word ?rst recorded as used in the English language?!
5. Find a scholarly website containing information related to the life or work of the famous ?gure you have chosen.!

• Give the citation in APA format, including the date of access and the URL.