Loss of innocence due to war

This is a feature article for year 12 English (I live in Australia). It is about how innocence has been lost in children due to wars (such as the Syria attacks etc) and at one point should make reference to the book “Lord of the Flies”. I have attached the drafting sheet that will be used when the teacher is drafting it. Thanks~

Year 12 Drafting Sheet – Task 2


Remember the Task 2 Success Criteria….

I know that I am successful when I can… 

  • reach the required word length of 800-1200 words.
  • demonstrate control of the feature article genre by using a hook introduction, headlines, bylines, pull-out quotes, short, sharp paragraphing and digital design elements.
  • Select a specific angle for my feature article, which allows me to discuss my chosen theme/s, as well as demonstrate my understanding of the attitudes and values which shaped the author’s work.
  • Make language choices including the use of a range of complex vocabulary, literary and persuasive devices.
  • Select and control textual devices such as spelling, punctuation and sentence structure.


Feature Article Yes




Will it reach the required length of 800-1200 words?
Is it clear what your angle and theme/s are?
Is your understanding of the author’s attitudes and values evident?


Is there a clear structure:

·         strong and engaging introduction which hooks the audience?

·         thoughtful selection and organisation of ideas through body section?

·         short, sharp paragraphing?

·         conclusion and call to action?

Are elements of the feature article included:

·         suitable headline?

·         pullout quotes?

·         byline?

·         appropriate visuals? (What has been planned?)

Are persuasive and literary devices used to enhance the quality of the feature article?

·         At least three complex (e.g. anecdote, statistics, expert quotes and humour)

·         At least three basic (e/g/ repetition, metaphor, simile)

Has the article been edited for:

·         spelling?

·         grammar?

·         sentence structure and expression?




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