Thesis Title: “Exploring Performance Management in the Saudi Arabia Healthcare Context: a Relational Coordination Perspective”.

RQ: What is the impact of performance management on healthcare outcomes in Saudi Arabia: A Relational Coordination perspective.

Basically is to explore the possible positive or negative impact of Pm on relational coordination theory on outcome in Saudi healthcare context.

I may suggest a possible outcome to manage the thesis as follow
1. Define performance management.
2. Performance management key elements
3. Drivers for positive outcome
4. drivers for negative outcome
5. Performance management in healthcare.
6. performance management in Saudi healthcare.
7. Justice type to influence Performance management system.

I would suggest to be contacted with a specialized writer to discuss this outline, I am open for suggestion. If the number of pages is more than enough we can arrange a suggested methodology and survey tool to address on both interview and survey ( a choice of validated tools)

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