Chapter 12


  1. Summarize:Define employee relations and discuss (by listing) at least four methods for managing employee relations.


  1. Define the following Key Terms:

Fair Treatment

Procedural Justice

Distributive Justice


  1. Summarize:What is meant by ethical behavior? What type of ethical behavior is discussed in our chapter text? What is meant by “bad apples”, “bad cases”, and “bad barrels”? Be sure to address each.


  1. Briefly explain:What steps can HR management play in influencing ethical behavior at work? What steps can managers take to influence ethical behavior at work?


  1. Thoroughly, explain: What is meant by (having) fair disciplinary practices? Provide a justification as to why managers should support the “Discipline without Punishment” method. How does this help HR manage employee performance or behavior?








Chapter 13


  1. After having read the Web Link: Article – What Challenges Do Unions Pose for Human Resource Management,


Briefly explain: What items (issues or situations) do HRM professionals face when employees seek to be a part of a union or are a part of a union in an organization?


  1. Know your union associations.List and identifyWhat are the two most popular types of “unions” and provide one example of an occupation inside the union type.


  1. Define Collective Bargaining: Name the law (Act) that encouraged union activity and what other law gave that Act more strength and power?


  1. Explain with detail: How did the Wagner Act help unions stabilize their position?


  1. Briefly explain: Is the Taft-Hartley Act stronger for employees, employer, or both?






Chapter 14


  1. Summarize:What is the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA) and how does it operate? 


  1. Briefly explain:What are the OSHA responsibilities and rights of employers and employees?


  1. List and explain each:What are the three basic causes of accidents?


  1. After having watched the Web Link: Video – BP’s Texas City Refinery Disaster,

Answer the following question(s) by explaining: What role could have a manager taken in preventing accidents at the refinery? The employee’s role? The HR management’s role?


  1. Summarize:What are the main elements of creating workplace safety? What can HR managers do to protect workers?










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